Mission Statement: We strive to be a staple of God’s love. We exist as a safe haven to those who are misunderstood, requiring more love, compassion and grace. Through community service, we aim to extend love and kindness to others. .

We are the midwife to those transitioning from pain to purpose. Ultimately, we are purpose pushers, guiding individuals so that they can discover beauty in every situation! Our mission is to cultivate a healthy culture of accountability, support and love through mentorship and women empowerment. The BeeautifulXperience exists as an intangible place of growth where one is challenged to understand reality, discover lasting solutions, and impact others.

Soon, we plan to open a short-term residential facility dedicated to young women and mothers who are victims of domestic violence. This facility aims to provide holistic rehabilitation to prepare them for reintegration into society. We will provide on-site jobs, child care, therapy, and other necessary services to ensure each woman’s stability and support during their time at DLGC. We believe that the Lord will provide! We have committed ourselves to prayer for this purpose within the earth! Investors will find us; we are confident! 



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