Same Grace.

Although I have read Daniel countless times, this time, it came alive in a way that left me speechless! I found this book of the Bible enlightening! I firmly believe in transparency, and we see it throughout all 12 chapters of Daniel. As a kingdom builder, my transparency matters. Yours does too. Transparency makes us relatable; our relatability makes us reachable. That is the goal, right?  The honesty contained in transparency is refreshing to those who are experiencing what we’ve survived! We are the blueprint for their lives, just as Daniel is for many.

 I appreciate Daniel’s honesty during prayer. When he was afraid, he admitted that he was scared. And, despite every hardship, his faith in God triumphed!!

My favorite part of Daniel was his prayer life. He prayed about everything! His prayer life inspired me to reflect on my own. The way he would articulate his heart during prayer is the type of courage I desire. Honestly, there have been times when I felt too guilty to express my feelings to God [As if he didn’t already know.] But Daniel’s honest approach to prayer yielded the results I anticipate seeing from God as I become more intentional with my prayer life! Every story read in Daniel begins and ends with him in prayer. 

As far back as I can remember, prayer has been a part of my life. From an early age, my mom prayed with me at 6 am every morning. [I was raised by my grandmother! Her prayer life has always inspired me.] Of course, I hated getting up that early to pray every morning, but as an adult, I am undoubtedly grateful for this lifestyle of prayer. Without it, I would’ve been buried after my first suicidal attempt. [ Life is one of the greatest gifts God has given us; there I was, trying to take it away. But God is so gracious towards us. At my lowest, he still embraced me and loved me back to life, all while knowing I’d attempt again.]  We are so loved by God. Our prayer time is important to him and is essential for our present and future well-being.

Daniel’s life is a testimony to the importance of prayer and God’s response to obedience.

I have wasted so much time worrying about things that weren’t humanly possible for me to accomplish. Why do we do this? Where does this pressure to focus on the problem begin? Although I enjoy having free will, I wish God child-proofed it first. [But then that wouldn’t be free will, lol. The truth is, if I had the power to fix the problem, there would be no problem. So, my only alternative is to wait on God. The impossible becomes possible with God!] Daniel’s prayer life proves that God responds to this type of obedience. 

Additionally, I love that Daniel shares his emotions with us. Emotions are a part of being human; I’ve learned to embrace my emotions to understand them. Avoidance cultivates anxiety. Anxiety breeds disaster depending on emotional maturity. So, let’s pause for my two cents, embrace what you feel, get professional help if/when you need it, and search the Bible for reassurance. 2023 is the year we experience God; remove the limitations! How you communicate with God will differ from anyone else’s communication style. If you lean on the Lord, he will maintain the rest! You will discover the answers you need through prayer with God! Ask Him to reveal the solutions according to His will. The grace Daniel experienced is here for us too! 

This season will require, do not disturb. Be intentional with your time. The Lord requires more from you, and you know it! The trials came to build your confidence in God; it was not punishment. You have a whole world to inspire, and God knows you will give Him all the credit! He trusts you so much! He loves you so much! So set aside some time and provide Him with face time. Prayer is essential.

Let’s Pray 🙏🏾


You are my one desire! You are wonderful! You are kind! You are the El Emunah [A Faithful God]! There is beauty in your grace, and your glory can be seen in every detail!  Thank you for unrestricted access to your grace through our obedience.  I pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence to guide us as we consciously decide to obey. May we manage hope, love, and instruction well! We submit our desires to your will and trust that you will keep us on track. Proverbs 3:6

Bless us with your presence frequently! Separate us from everything that impedes our progression in purpose. Shield us as we guard our gates! Fill us up until we burst with wisdom, understanding, and the knowledge that will illuminate the kingdom of God. Our pride is surrendered in prayer, eager to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Without you, we are nothing. It is you that we need! 


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