Mission Statement: We strive to be a staple of God’s love. We exist as a safe haven to those who are misunderstood, requiring more love, compassion and grace. Through community service, we aim to extend love and kindness to others. .

We are the midwife to those transitioning from pain to purpose. Ultimately, we are purpose pushers, guiding individuals so that they can discover beauty in every situation! Our mission is to cultivate a healthy culture of accountability, support and love through mentorship and women empowerment. The BeeautifulXperience exists as an intangible place of growth where one is challenged to understand reality, discover lasting solutions, and impact others.

Soon, we plan to open a short-term residential facility dedicated to young women and mothers who are victims of domestic violence. This facility aims to provide holistic rehabilitation to prepare them for reintegration into society. We will provide on-site jobs, child care, therapy, and other necessary services to ensure each woman’s stability and support during their time at DLGC. We believe that the Lord will provide! We have committed ourselves to prayer for this purpose within the earth! Investors will find us; we are confident! 

Several years ago, I invited my father to spend time with me twice, but he declined. A few months later, I logged onto Facebook to discover that he had posted a picture with all of his other children, along with a status conveying how much they meant to him. Two of my siblings could not wait to antagonize my social existence with it subtly. For months, I cried. No one understood the pain, and in the end, I concealed my emotions.

I watched him celebrate with his other girls. He made sure that I witnessed each milestone his girls achieved, whether it be graduations, birthdays, or any other milestone. Once again, I swallowed the hurt because my response to being broken was always misinterpreted as something else. Consequently, I have lived a life where I had to assume the villain role. They would degrade my very existence and expect silence to their abuse. One of my sisters used this to her advantage a great deal. As a skilled manipulator, she knew how to create a narrative emphasizing my responses and not the constant taunting. Grace was never extended to me.

My dad fell sick, and I showed up. As I stood over him in the hospital, my mind rehearsed one of the phrases I’ll never forget; my father saying he hated me.

His child…

The urge to walk away from his hospital bed was strong, but I resisted because I had no idea whether it would be the last time I’d see him alive. My inner child was furious with me… However, I fought against the trauma response. My position remained unchanged… I wiped my tears and continued to silently pray. I did not run.

I sobbed for days, huddled in my closet, in the shower. However, in front of others, I was chin up. This has always been the expectation, and I have always been expected to accept things that I was not particularly comfortable with.

As he became more aware of his environment, I stopped visiting him because I could see in his eyes that it was not me he wanted to see but rather his other children (who did not visit as often as I did).  After much consideration, I decided that I would no longer put myself through such mental and emotional hardship. 

I chose me. 

The same is true for my mother. She can be anywhere, but whenever I have asked her to spend time with me (I offered to pay… obviously), she has always had an excuse. When I lived in Columbia, she could not drive on the highway to see me, but this same highway was drivable when it was party time. To persuade her to spend time, I offered her gas, food etc, but it is always a reason, an excuse for her absence. The most we talk is on social media.

I’ve accepted that their absence is a void that only God can fill.

As a result of being in spaces where I felt less than unwanted, I shower those in my life with love because I want to leave here knowing that I have given love, even if it is more than I will ever receive.

To ensure that my children never feel like they do not matter, I go to such lengths for them. My goal is to prevent them from searching for love in all the wrong places, as I did. They’re loved, seen, and heard. I pursue healing for them. They deserve that.

My daily toil is discovering strength and overcoming experiences that could keep me stuck; if permitted.  As I sit here today, I am exhausted, but I refuse to surrender.

My time in the ring will come to an end one day. 

The day I hear my Father in heaven say well done will make up for all the pain I have experienced here on earth.

Until then,




Isaiah 40:31 ~ But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

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